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Helping growth teams get their sh*t together.

Savepad is the collaborative swipe file to store, organize, reference, share, and actually use all the resources and examples you have.

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Time to bring some structure to your chaos.

Struggling with collaborating on references for landing pages, ads, product launches, projects, and heaven knows what else?

Then this one’s for you 🫵

Managing references as a team is a f*ing pain!

Everything all over the place?

Can’t find sh*t for your projects, or for when you remembered something and wanted to share it?

There’s a reason why most generic tools fail as a collaborative swipe file.

Do better than "hacking it".

We didn’t have a collaborative space to curate all the cool links, docs, screenshots, code, docs, notes, Tweets, videos, memes, and other things we found useful.

So we’re building one.

To all the things that make you go "hmmm" 🥂

Stop frustrating your team by hacking your way between multiple generic drive, design, chat, note-taking, spreadsheets, and bookmarking solutions.


Designed to let you save literally anything from your device or online – just keep it legal.

URLs, code, audio, video, documents, images, Tweets, whatever you need to reference or pin, it belongs here.


With spaces, collections, tags, and enrichment, you’re in control of how curated and organized your saves are. Or aren’t. You do you.


Regardless of what you save – text, images, whatever – find it with a simple text search.


Choose to open up spaces to colleagues, clients, friends, or keep it personal.


In addition to any notes, tags, and context you add, all saves are enriched with any applicable metadata and previews depending on the format.

If you like those capabilities, you’ll love the features that make them happen!

For your next landing page. Or ad. Or Biryani party.

Here’s some of the common use-cases that Savepad is built for.

Collaborative Swipe File

Marketers, designers, and developers, finally collaborating together without lost context.

Reference Management

With powerful indexing and full-text search, all the references you’ve ever found are within reach.

Shared Knowledge Base

Maintain a collaborative and easy-to-search repository of everything your team has ever needed.

Personal Dumping Ground

Dinner ideas, decor inspiration, new looks, whatever tickles your fancy has a home in Savepad.

So that you never feel stumped again.

Here’s some of the people we feel would benefit the most from Savepad.

Growth Teams

It’s time to stop losing your hair managing resources between 50 shades of tools.

Creatives & Devs

Designers and devs can easily collaborate on projects with their teams and clients.

Community Owners

Maintain resources within your online community as a searchable knowledge base indefinitely.


Want to save and collaborate with friends, family, or your partner on things? Sign up!

Like it? Save it

Savepad is currently in development. Join the waitlist for our private beta!

Our first 250 waitlist users will get lifetime access to Savepad for free.

Questions? Answers

We’ve always struggled with real “reference management”.

Whenever we kick off a new project, try to find resources from a year ago, hunt down things we found cool, or just try to find something in all our files/bookmarks across Drive, Notion, Figma, Miro, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, GitHub, Bookmarks, and Notes, we’re f*ng lost.

We just give up and go Googling for keywords hoping to find it again.

The problem gets exponentially more frustrating when trying to collaborate with our teams.

Yes and no. We ourselves “save” all our references in between a mix of Google Drive, Notion, Figma, Miro, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, GitHub, Bookmarks, and Notes. That’s a mix of PDFs, URLs, videos, code snippets, design references, ads, emails, and a bunch of other stuff. We’re trying to see if we can consolidate all that into a tool that actually makes our lives easier.

Think of it as a collaborative swipe file for marketers, designers, and makers working in growth teams, particularly in SaaS.

Popularized by Marketers, A swipe file is a curation or a collection of “inspiration” used to help with the creative process. It usually includes everything from ideas, copy, drawings, photographs, ads, landing pages, emails, and other creative things that can be used for inspiration when working on projects. They are great to help capture and store creative ideas and can be used to quickly reference and access creative resources.

We’re currently building Savepad to solve our own problems – a highly structured and organized collection of “saves” that we believe should be indexed and searchable in the form of “structured content”, regardless of their format or content. As we’re slowly testing it to make sure it can handle all that, we’re opening up Savepad to a waitlist of others who believe they have a similar issue with the tooling available today.

Join the waitlist and be among the first to know when we’re live!

We’ll be sharing updates on features via our public roadmap on Trello! We haven’t given pricing much of a thought yet.