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By your side when inspiration hits —​

Savepad is your little corner on the internet to store, organize, reference, and share all the amazing inspiration, resources, and examples you find online.


Designed to bring structure to all your chaos

Whether you’re a marketer, designer, developer, or maker keeping track of links, tweets, emails, ads, documents, videos, screenshots, or designs — always find what you’re looking for in one place.

Saving and referencing inspiration is broken.

Saving screenshots on Figma? Bookmarking cool websites into Chrome folders? Forwarding interesting emails to yourself? DMing yourself and your colleague dope references on Slack? Hacking together a swipe file on Notion? Trying to bring it all together on Miro when kicking off a new project with your team?

And then can’t find sh*t at your next company, for your next project, or just 3 months later when you remember something?

Why isn't there a better way?

If that hacky workflow sounded relatable, that’s exactly how we’ve been solving this problem for years.

Between URLs, PDFs, EPUBs, screenshots, code, docs, notes, Tweets, videos, and other formats, we didn’t have a collaborative repository to curate all the cool sh*t we found useful over the years.

So we’re building one.

A one-stop shop to save things that make you go “hmmm

Savepad stops you hacking your way between saving all those screenshots, videos, emails, and URLs between multiple drive, design, note-taking apps, spreadsheets, and bookmarking solutions.

Platform Agnostic Ecosystem

With native apps and extensions for Desktop, Mobile, Browsers, Twitter, Slack, Discord, and a host of other popular platforms, save inspiration intuitively without breaking your flow.

Blazing Fast

Savepad is built for speed, designed with real-time sync in mind.


URLs, Screenshots, Emails, PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio, Code, Tweets, eBooks, whatever. Save it all.

Sprinkled with ✨ AI ✨

Buzzwords aside, we’re playing with some AI and GPT-4 to see if we can further automate the save enrichment process.

Personal, or not

Savepad is meant to collaborate, but you can keep your saves private.

Global Search & Filter

All saves are crawled, enriched, and indexed to be found instantly.

Spaces, Collections, & Tags

Whether for work, side projects, or Ramen ideas. Give all your inspiration the TLC, hierarchy, and structure they deserve.


Steal saves from others’ public spaces.

Custom Views

Set Savepad to work in a list, grid, or whiteboard.

Imports & Exports

Manage your data in open formats like .json and .csv.

Like it? Save it!

Savepad is currently in development, and we’re looking forward to onboarding you when we launch our beta! Our first 250 waitlist users will get lifetime access to Savepad for free.



We’ve always struggled with real “reference management”.

Whenever we kick off a new project, try to find resources from a year ago, hunt down things we found cool, or just try to find something in all our files/bookmarks across Drive, Notion, Figma, Miro, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, GitHub, Bookmarks, and Notes, we’re f*ng lost.

We just give up and go Googling for keywords hoping to find it again.

The problem gets exponentially more frustrating when trying to collaborate with our teams.

Yes and no. We ourselves “save” all our references in between a mix of Google Drive, Notion, Figma, Miro, Slack, Twitter, YouTube, Pocket, GitHub, Bookmarks, and Notes. That’s a mix of PDFs, URLs, videos, code snippets, design references, ads, emails, and a bunch of other stuff. We’re trying to see if we can consolidate all that into a tool that actually makes our lives easier.

Popularized by Marketers, A swipe file is a curation or a collection of “inspiration” used to help with the creative process. It usually includes everything from ideas, copy, drawings, photographs, ads, landing pages, emails, and other creative things that can be used for inspiration when working on projects. They are great to help capture and store creative ideas and can be used to quickly reference and access creative resources.

We’re currently building Savepad to solve our own problems – a highly structured and organized collection of “saves” that we believe should be indexed and searchable in the form of “structured content”, regardless of their format or content. As we’re slowly testing it to make sure it can handle all that, we’re opening up Savepad to a waitlist of others who believe they have a similar issue with the tooling available today.

Join the waitlist and be among the first to know when we’re live!

We’ll be sharing updates on features via our public roadmap on Trello! We haven’t given pricing much of a thought yet.

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Savepad is currently in development, and we’re looking forward to onboarding our first users when we launch our closed beta!