💾 About Savepad

Because the things you like are beautiful

Savepad the platform that lets you save all the amazing things you find out there that make you go “hmmm”.

About Savepad

Savepad is a platform to collect, categorize, curate, and reference resources and inspiration. The concept was born based on what marketers refer to as a “swipe file”.

What is a swipe file? It’s a “repository” where marketers store interesting things from the internet — such as landing page examples, screenshots of ads, emails, and other such examples they might encounter — to keep somewhere safe and refer back to when working on projects.

More commonly, it can be referred to as a “second brain” of collected, curated, and cataloged references found around the internet. Savepad takes that concept and extends it to the common needs of marketers, designers, developers, and makers, especially when working together in growth teams, particularly in SaaS.

Most swipe files today are hacked together using a combination of tools like Notion, Figma, Miro, Google Drive, Chrome Bookmarks, and Evernote, to name a few. Depending on the format and the platform, specific tools work great when working with specific formats.

Savepad combines those, to provide a native platform (desktop, mobile, and in-browser), and also works on all formats — URLs, Tweets, Documents, Code, Videos, Images, and Emails, to name a few — to ensure that every time inspiration hits, Savepad is a clicks away, making everything you’ve ever saved instantly searchable.

Roadmap & feature requests

We’re working towards making our roadmap public soon, and will be making changes to a Public Trello board with all upcoming features.

In the meanwhile if you’re curious about the progress on Savepad, join the waitlist, follow us on Twitter, or join the Discord community!

If you’ve got an idea for Savepad or a feature request, let us know!

Data, privacy, & security

Savepad is committed to providing the best user experience with as little tracking and advertising as possible. We’re not selling any data to third parties, nor are we adding any weird trackers that’ll creep on you throughout the internet.

As we build out the website and product, we’ll constantly update this to make sure we’re being transparent using simple terminology every time we make changes to our Privacy and Terms pages.