🏗️ Use Cases

Powerful Alone.
Better Together.

Savepad is a collaborative reference management platform originally built for marketers, designers, and developers in growth teams to use collaboratively.

Not a fan of sharing? Savepad works great for just you too.

Primary Use Case

Collaborative Swipe File

Savepad lets growth teams maintain structured references in a single platform rather than retaining a mess of inspiration sprawled between multiple sheets, Notions, Slacks, emails, and other tools.

Marketers, designers, and developers, finally collaborating on projects together without lost context.

Secondary Use Case

Personal Reference Management

Ever wanted to kick-off a new landing page and can’t find that one amazing example from 3 years ago that had the words “pay as you grow”?

Savepad lets you collect all the references you’ve ever found. With powerful indexing and full-text search, all your inspiration is within reach.

Online Community Knowledge Base

Between threads, chat history limitations, and excessive noise, many resources shared in online communities get lost over the years.

Savepad lets online community runners maintain a collaborative and easy-to-search repository of everything their community has ever shared.

Shared Bookmark Manager & Inspiration Dump

Ramen recipes, weeknight dinner ideas, home decor inspiration, new looks, whatever tickles your fancy has a home in Savepad.

Save ideas you like for yourself, or invite friends and family to collaborate on collections you care about together. Want to go a step further? Make it public to share collections with the entire web.