For Creatives and Developers

Delight yourself and your clients every time.

Curate and share a comprehensive repository of references, resources, and inspiration for your projects – whether to keep to yourself, collaborate with clients, or share publicly.

The issue we see

Developers and Designers, whether working as freelancers or as part of agencies, often have multiple tools and workflows for each project and client.

What it should be

Centralize all your content, handoffs, and inspiration in one tool. Share specific spaces with each client, and keep personal ones for yourself.

Why Savepad works great for you

Here’s the top reasons we feel Savepad is particularly useful for creatives and developers working with multiple clients.

Maintain your knowledge base

Build a comprehensive resource library. Store code snippets, design inspirations, and more to enrich your work or store as educational resources to level up. Savepad lets you curate your personal knowledge base, regardless of file-type, with powerful search and tagging capabilities to always find what you’re looking for.

Keep your clients in sync

Shuffling projects for multiple clients as a freelancer or agency? Effortlessly manage projects. Dedicate spaces for each client, ensuring organized resource management for everything from website revamps and logo redesigns, to ongoing landing pages or social media assets.

Flex your achievements

Showcase everything you’ve done. Curate past work, projects, and examples into your Savepad space and proudly display your project portfolio by making it public. Share your work with clients or future employers, highlighting all the incredible work you’ve done.

Natively support your files

Not just URLs, images, and notes. Savepad has smart support for code, colours, and other file types.

Save on the go

With Savepad apps for browser, mobile, and desktop, you’ve always got your resources with you.

Level up as an agency

Agencies can create multiple teams and spaces to dedicate to each client as needed.