Personal Reference Management

Hacky workarounds only let you down.

Learning something new? Collecting references for your thesis? Struggling to manage all that between bookmarks, Notion, Evernote, and a bunch of apps? Try Savepad.

The Problem

Most generic combinations of bookmarks, note taking apps, and other cataloging solutions lead to a messy web of resources all over the place.

Our Solution

Maintain a structured repository of resources, files, and URLs with tagging and categorization so keep all your personal, work, and educational resources easy to find.

Using Savepad for your personal references

Here’s the top 6 reasons we feel Savepad is particularly useful to use as a personal reference manager.

Save anything

Save and reference URLs, documents, images, screenshots, emails, code, or anything else you find worth swiping.

Share and collaborate

Invite others to view or edit your spaces and collections as you choose.

Swipe on the go

With apps for browser, mobile, desktop, and email, Savepad is good to go whenever you are.

Structured as you want

Organize spaces, collections, and tags as you’d like to keep your references within reach.

Workflows you're used to

Collect and update your Savepad using your daily workflows like email, Chrome, screenshots, and more.

Search everything

Get full text search on all saves, including images, documents, and videos.