For You

Save all the things that make you go "hmmm".

Savepad is your all-in-one resource manager to simplify your life. From notes to bookmarks. organize and curate effortlessly, by yourself, or with friends and family.

The issue we see

Most modern browsers have a very old-school way of handling bookmarks, just a rough folder structure with a dump of links in them. No collaboration, no sharing, nothing new.

What it should be

While Savepad isn’t primarily a Bookmark Manager, when developing it we realised that it really does improve our own bookmark management, especially for some shared folders.

Why Savepad works great for you

Here’s the top reasons we feel Savepad is useful for just yourself to use personally.

Manage Personal Resources Better

Simplify your digital life. Savepad is your user-friendly resource manager for links, files, and notes, helping you effortlessly organize your online world. Whether you’re saving resources for uni, compiling the greatest watchlist to share with your family, or just saving furniture inspiration for a new apartment, Savepad has a space for you.

Curate Ideas Into Inspiration

Get organized your way. With categories, collections, tags, and powerful search, Savepad makes curating ideas a breeze – summer party, meal inspiration, poster ideas, you do you!

Savepad also offers full-text search across your entire space, regardless of whether you’re looking for links, images, or something else.

Work Together With Loved Ones

At times we just need to work together. Planning a trip to Sicily and need to get your friends involved? Share and invite friends, colleagues, and family to join specific spaces or collections, making collaboration and shared interests a fun experience.

Put Yourself Into The Spotlight

Share what you love with the world. Put together the best watchlist? Got a reading list of book recommendations that you’re really proud of? Or just collecting the best examples of cat pics? Showcase your curated gems to everyone. Embed these resources for easy public access, letting your passions shine.

Declutter your browser

Stop struggling between your bookmarks bar and notes. Savepad stores everything together for you.

Inspiration on the go

With Savepad apps for browser, mobile, and desktop, you’ve always got your resources with you.

Rich link enhancements

Saving things from YouTube or Twitter? Savepad knows how to make some links shine more than others.