Shared Bookmark Manager

Stay in sync on everything you care about.

Savepad lets you sync and share bookmarks in an easy and manageable way, whether its’ personal travel plans with your family, or just saving all those couch ideas for later.

The Problem

Standard browser bookmark managers usually end up a cluttered mess, and don’t come with sharing or collaboration out of the box without 3rd party extensions.

Our Solution

Bring together great content from across the web, share it with those that need access to it, whether for work or personal use, and keep it in sync with your browser as required.

Shared bookmarks with Savepad

Here’s the top 6 reasons we feel Savepad is particularly useful to use as a collaborative bookmark manager.

Save anything

Whether it’s your reading list or furniture inspo for the house, save, organize and share it with others.

Share and collaborate

Organize things that pick your interest as you’d like. Collections lets you visualize everything together.

Available everywhere

With apps for browser, mobile, desktop, and email, Savepad is ready for you wherever inspiration strikes.

Stay in sync

Savepad syncs with your browser to ensure your private and shared resources are updated for everyone.

Declutter your browser

Stop managing 100 tabs and badly managed bookmark folders only to Whatsapp each other things again.

Search everything

Looking for “Chesterfield Sofa” but remember only “green bumpy couch we like”? No sweat.