Community Knowledge Base

Incredible people share incredible things.

Most online communities have a wealth of experiences, insights, and references shared over years. Don’t lose them just because you can’t access chat history beyond a point.

The Problem

Online communities like Developer Marketing and Demand Curve have seen countless resources shared over years, many lost because of history limits, closed communities, or 404s.

Our Solution

Specific workflows, like Savepad’s Slack app, allow community admins to instantly curate shared resources into a personal or shared space for maintaining references.

Give your community a lasting knowledge base

Here’s the top 6 reasons we feel Savepad is particularly useful for community managers with active online communities.

Everyone gets a say

Save all the files and URLs your community shares with one another, to never lose a valuable resource.

Disregard chat history limits

Can’t access that Hacker News link from more than 100 days ago? Good thing you dropped it into Savepad!

Cross-reference posts

See a thread picking up steam on a topic? Cross-reference relevant conversations using tagged saves.

Drive more membership

Embed your knowledge base on your community site to let potential members know what they can get.

Structured to your community

Save resources by topics and tags relevant to your community channels so it’s easy to navigate for everyone.

Collaborate, or control

Curate all resources as the admin, or invite your community to save their resources into Savepad too.