For Online Communities

Create something powerful when coming together.

Empower your online community with a curated knowledge base. Preserve, organize, and access vital resources efficiently for everyone.

The issue we see

Online communities like Developer Marketing and Demand Curve have seen countless resources shared over years, many lost because of history limits, closed communities, or 404s.

What it should be

Specific workflows, like Savepad’s Slack app, allow community admins to instantly curate shared resources into a personal or shared space for maintaining references.

Why Savepad works great for communities

Here’s the top reasons we feel Savepad is particularly useful for online communities as a curated knowledge base.

Save Community Knowledge

Ensure lasting value in your community. Save shared resources for easy access, empowering your community for the long haul, so they never have to scratch their heads looking for shared knowledge that’s entered the void thanks to long threads, chat history restrictions, or 404s.

Attract New Members

Showcase your community’s expertise. Share and embed your Savepad knowledge base publicly on your website or across the web to attract potential members. Let people see the value your community creates firsthand, before they join in to be a part of the conversations.

Unique insights

Gain perspective on the types of conversations and topics driving your community to engage more.

Structured to your community

Save resources by topics and tags relevant to your community channels so it’s easy to navigate for everyone.

Collaborate, or control

Curate all resources as the admin, or invite your community to save their resources into Savepad too.